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rudog dietitian mary cabral profile picture1. Mary Cabral RD/LD    LEAD DIETITIAN

Mary Cabral received her education as a clinical dietitian from UT Southwestern Medical Center and has been a dietitian for over 25 years in north Texas. The concept of RUDOG was developed in 2008 as a natural extension of her personal involvement with MMA kickboxing and martial arts. Mary has worked with UFC fighters such as Anthony Pettis, Erik Koch and Chico Camus, as well as several rising stars like Sean Spencer, Ryan Benoit, William Campuzano, and Johnny Bedford.  In her private practice, Mary works with clients who need education to get ready for bariatric surgery, or need help managing diabetes, high blood pressure, weight, and other lifestyle related health issues. She also focuses on women and men over the age of 40 who may be beginning to experience age-related hormone changes and body composition changes.

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Rudog also accepts  insurance and is a preferred provider with  BCBS, Cigna, some Aetna, and United Health Care.

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