Right Track Subscription Plans

Tired of FIT BIT?? Looking for something different? 

If you want some help but need a convenient and affordable way to do it, this is your answer! The app downloads to your phone, but you can also access it from your tablet or laptop. It’s everywhere you are.

You have three choices:

Right Track Basic $30/month:      Use the app all by yourself.  You decide how to use it—-Keep it simple and just use it to track your intake, or use all of its robust features: Plan your menus, build programs, track your intake, manage your vitamin intake, print grocery lists, track your fitness, and MORE! You can customize everything.   $30 monthly PLUS 10% off all regularly priced supplements and products. Start and stop whenever you like.

Right Track Plus $250/month:       You PLUS a nutritionist.  This is the best of both worlds because it’s mostly you, but some weekly contact with your nutritionist is built in to help you stay focused and on track. You will have 30 minutes per week to use in a way that works best for you. Maybe you want 10 or 15 minute touch-base visits, or maybe you want a single visit per week. It’s up to you! There are also automated programs that your nutritionist can tell you more about. $250 monthly PLUS 10% off all regularly priced supplements and products. This is a monthly program, you can stop at any time, however we do recommend participating at least 6 months to get the most benefit.

Stay on Track for After Surgery $60/6 Weeks:    Virtual 6 week program designed to help you remember key things that you need to do every day for the first 6 weeks after surgery. It will help you stay focused and will provide encouragement just when you need it. $60 cost PLUS you will also get 10% off all regularly priced supplements and products. 

You can schedule your PRE SURGERY ZOOM Bariatric Nutrition Education Class by clicking HERE  

Classes are offered at 2:00 every Monday, 12:00 every Thursday, and 10:00 a.m. every Saturday. Looking for some post-surgery support? Check out our 4:30 support group on Mondays. 

We can't wait for you to join us!