It’s all about Breakfast!

It’s all about Breakfast!

Healthy BreakfastNutrient timing is perhaps the most overlooked component of an effective training and eating regimen.  The training is scheduled, measured, completed, logged, and adjusted as bio-feedback indicates. There is no question that the training regimen will be repeated every day. What about the eating? All too often it is an afterthought, with most guys playing “catch up” after that last evening workout. By that time, they are STARVING, not to mention exhausted, and in a hurry to get home.  Sounds like the perfect set up for drive-through. 🙁

Here is how it needs to change:

You start with breakfast. If you are in the habit of sleeping through or skipping breakfast, you are completely sabotaging your training efforts.  This is the very reason you have a hard time with the first day’s workout, this is why you are tired around 3:00, and this is why you are starving by the end of your workout later that night. It could also very well be the reason you are sore a lot.

If any of this sounds familiar, EAT BREAKFAST!!  Something is better than nothing, but it’s not hard to have a great breakfast. Make sure you are eating something with carbohydrate, a little protein, and a little fat. The calories should be anywhere from 250 to 500, depending on where you are in your training program. (Bulking up, cutting weight, rest day vs. heavy training, etc.)

Some good examples would be:

  1. Toasted English Muffin (or bagel or toast) with fried egg and slice of American cheese, glass of juice, 4 oz yogurt.
  2. Cereal, toast, juice
  3. 2 egg omelet with spinach, 4 oz yogurt, 1 slice whole wheat toast with a tsp of butter.

You could even start the day with a power bar and have the rest of your calories a little later.  Once you start including breakfast you will notice changes immediately. You may notice your energy level will go up, you will be hungrier throughout the day (this is normal and good), you will rest and recover better, you may lose weight more easily. There could be more!

The importance of the diet in relation to the training cannot be overstated. It is extremely important. If you  want to know if your diet can be better, get with Rudog and find out. Don’t go into your next fight with any doubt.

Make your diet work as hard for you as you do for yourself. Eat to train!

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