Quick Meal Cheap

In the eternal search for good, quality meals that you can heat and eat, I tried one of the Amy’s brand frozen dinners. OMG! I was so impressed! I had tried Amy’s years ago, and couldn’t stand it. I don’t know what has changed (me? better technology?) but it was great!

The one I had was the Enchilada with rice and beans on the side. Most frozen Mexican food needs help. A little cheese, some sour cream, some salt. This needed nothing! Literally 5 minutes in the microwave and it was perfect.

For you guys on the go, and on the cheap, this would be a great meal starter or a mini meal. 330 kcals, 9 g Pro, 9 g fiber, 53 g Carbs, and 8 g Fat. It’s high in carbs, so a great post workout option. Throw a salad with it, you are good to go! This was the vegetarian enchilada, so the protein is a little lower than usual. Don’t freak, it’s ok. Have a glass of milk or your SMALL protein drink. All better now 🙂

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