Rudog Vitamins are HERE!

I am very excited to announce that Rudog now has 3 brand new supplements available. I am not a personal fan of taking a lot of different pills, but I do believe there are supplements out there that are well worth taking…….I just want it in as few pills as possible and to not cost a fortune. Rudog Right and the Rudog Omega are my answer to just that.

1. Rudog Right   $31   60 capsules (1 time a day)

This vitamin is Right for everyone, men and women. It addresses the daily supplement concerns you have without providing more than you need. It also focuses on cardiovascular, thyroid, metabolism, joint, bone and brain health. All in one capsule. One time a day. It provides CoQ10, Selenium, Chromium Picolinate, Vitamin D3 and more. It is also gluten and citrus free.


2. Rudog Omega    $32  40 servings (1 time a day)

A liquid, orange flavored supplement that provides Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D3. Specifically directed at supporting joint, cardiovascular, brain, and immune health.


3. Rudog Whey     $50   30 servings (1 scoop a day)

High quality whey protein, easy to mix and not crazy expensive. From pasture fed cows in New Zealand.  This one is unflavored so that it can be used in anything.

The company making these products has been in business for nearly 40 years and is based here in the United States. They guarantee purity and potency, integrity of formulation, and adherence to label claims.  Rudog wouldn’t do business with anyone doing anything less.




You can schedule your PRE SURGERY TELEHEALTH Bariatric Nutrition Education Class by clicking HERE  

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