You can love yogurt! Noosa Mates is one to try!

You can love yogurt! Noosa Mates is one to try!

You can love yogurt—it’s not just for women or for dieting anymore. Anybody remember the slimy, wet Yoplait yogurt from the 70’s?

Today things are different. Very different. Not all yogurts are created equally! Each brand has its own bacteria combination, its own texture and color, as well as flavors. If you think you don’t like yogurt, you haven’t really given it a fair shot. It is truly worth the time to spend a few extra dollars and purchase 5-10 different yogurt brands and go home and conduct a taste test. Taste them all at the same time. My suggestion is to stick to vanilla, so that you can compare the yogurts evenly. Keep in mind that yogurts with a higher protein content are going to be thicker (which I like!). These are also great options to use when making dips or smoothies. Regardless, you have to get out there and try them all before you can really make an informed decision. One brand that you should definitely look for is Noosa. Noosa Mates comes in LOTS of flavor combinations, but 3 to look for are caramel chocolate pecan, coffee chocolate almond, and blueberry walnut granola. You could eat these for breakfast or as a snack. Go get some.


You can love yogurt

You can love yogurt!

MMA Snack Ideas by Rudog

MMA Snack Ideas by Rudog

Need a little inspiration on what to eat for snacks throughout the day, or even at night? Here are few ideas to get your brain going.

If you like it COLD

Try some KEFIR, a yogurt drink. It comes in several flavors, plus a plain version. Drink it by itself (it’s like a thin milkshake) or use it as the base for your shakes. Add strawberries and a little bit of honey. You will have a tasty protein shake that is full probiotics and vitamin C.

Freeze some fresh blueberries. You can even top them with a little light or fat-free whipped cream. Blueberries are a great source of vitamin C and fiber.

As an alternative to ice cream, how about putting yogurt (or a homemade smoothie) into an ice cube tray and freezing it. The cubes will get “slushy”.

If you like it SALTY

Grab a hard pretzel, twist or stick. These are a better choice then potato chips. Have a few with some peanut butter or some dark chocolate.

Experiment with different crackers. Look for a brand called “Mary’s Gone Crackers”. Their stuff is amazing, and is whole grain, no gluten, no trans fats. Very different flavor and EXTREMELY crunchy. Wasa is another brand to try. Hummus, Laughing Cow, or lowfat cream cheese are great spreads to put on these.

Make a quick quesadilla. Use a corn or flour tortilla (corn is lower in fat) and sprinkle with a shredded cheese blend, like Mexican or cheddar jack. Microwave for about 12 seconds. Roll up and eat. Dip in salsa if you like! These are great for breakfast, too, especially if you add a scrambled egg.

Popcorn!! I think pan popped is the best, but use as little oil as possible. The microwave versions are so dang tricky with their labels it’s exhausting to find one that is actually low fat AND has good taste. Regardless, be creative with what you sprinkle on the popcorn. It doesn’t have to be salt. Try pepper or chili powder. How about cinnamon?

If you like it SWEET

Get some Greek Yogurt, I like Façe. But Dannon, Stonyfield, or Brown Cow are great, also.  Use plain or vanilla and add your own fruit, maybe even a little honey. These tend to be good sources of protein and are good for the evening snack.

There is nothing wrong with DARK chocolate. A little bit goes a long way. Get some that is 70% or higher in cacao. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and lower in sugar than regular chocolate. Also great with a few roasted almonds.

Have you tried figs? Get them fresh or dried. They are sticky and sweet and high in fiber. They go great with cheese, honey, yogurt, and chocolate. Pick your combo!

Do you have some great snack ideas to share? Please post them here or on the Rudog fanpage.

Pineapple and Banana Smoothie

Pineapple and Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are definitely great additions to any diet or meal plan. When done correctly, they are a quick and concentrated way to add protein, carbs, and fat. There are lots of great smoothie shops out there, I am a personal fan of Smoothie Factory and Jamba Juice. The options will vary regionally, of course, and feel free to share your favorites with other Rudog members. The down side to the smoothie shops is that they can be really expensive, and lots of times provide way too many calories (along with a lot of other unnecessary stuff) than is needed.

Don’t be afraid to whip up your own at home. If you make a point to keep frozen fruit on hand, as well as fresh fruits that are compatible with smoothies, you will always be ready to make your own. Yogurt or milk is fine as a base.

This recipe is super simple, but may provide some inspiration for you to just make up your own. I would love to see any recipes you come up with posted on the rudog fanpage.

  1. 1 Large ripe banana, broken into chunks
  2. 1/2 cup lowfat milk or yogurt
  3. 1 4 oz can crushed pineapple, undrained
  4. 1/2 cup pineapple sorbet (or flavor of your choice)
  5. 1 tbsp protein powder (5-8 g of protein)

Put in all in a blender and mix! Enjoy!

2g Fat, 38g Carb, 11g Protein

Food Tip: Brummel and Brown

Looking for an alternative to plain old butter? Check out a product called Brummel and Brown. It’s made from yogurt, canola, and soybean oil. It tastes fantastic and comes in plain, blueberry, or strawberry. You would use it on the same foods you would put butter or cream cheese on. Bagels, toast, english muffins, or whatever else you like! It’s healthier because it doesn’t have the saturated fat that butter or cream cheese has. It also does not have any trans-fats. You can’t cook with it, but it’s a great for table top use. Look for it in the refrigerated section next to the butters and margarines.

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